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North Carolina
Atlantic beach - Fort Macon Marina
Morehead - EJW Tackle -
Hickory - Hobbytown 1826 Hwy. 70 SE - LED RC Car light kits
Fayetteville - Hobbytown 3833 Ramsey St. - LED RC Car light kits -
Fayetteville - A.K.McCallum -
Duck - Kitty Hawk Kites - LED Kite light kits
Nags Head - Kitty Hawk Kites - LED Kite light kits -
South Carolina
Cross - Hills Landing fish camp - Santee -
Myrtle Beach - Eds' Hobby Shop - LED Kite Light Kits -
North Myrtle Beach - Kligs' Kites - LED Kite Light Kits
Broadway at the Beach - Kligs' Kites - LED Kite Light Kits -
Charleston - Haddrells Point Tackle -
Capeville - Chris' Bait and Tackle -
Clarksville - Bobcats Bait & Tackle -
Orange Beach -
Saint Augustine - Ocean Extreme Sports - LED Kite Light Kits -
Tampa - SS Hobbies & Raceway - LED RC car kits -
Stuart - Whites Tackle -
Stuart - Fish Heads of Stuart -
Apopka - Mosquito Creek Outdoors -
La Marque - Serious Tackle -

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