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Developed By: Chris Ottosen

Welcome To Ultimate Gig Lights!

     Hey fellow flounder gigger, I am guessing that since you are on this site you love flounder gigging just like me! North Carolina is a great place to gig and catch flounder! lots of shallow water lots of marsh makes for good gigging.

     My new LED gig lights are top notch and have helped me gig more flounder than ever before. these new gig lights (patent pending) are the best gig lights on the market today, not only will they light up the bottom, but also help you catch more flounder in less time!

     These lights are hand crafted in Cape Carteret, NC with safety in mind. I have enjoyed fishing in my home state of North Carolina since I was a little boy and have grown up loving fishing on the crystal coast!

     These LED lights have been used at Cape Lookout, Shackle ford banks, and all along the sounds of Atlantic Beach for years.These LED lights are being used in North Carolina, South Carolina,Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,Louisiana and Texas. I hope that you find these lights as much an asset to your fishing trip as i have.

Check Out the Dock light page for some really cool underwater stainless steel LED dock lights. These LED dock lights can be used as fish attractors as well as make your dock look really cool. These LED dock lights are made of stainless steel true underwater lights.These LED lights are rated for 35000 hours,with that life expectancy you should have years of enjoyment from these high quality lights. We have several marine led lights for you to check out. Just go to product page and see for yourself.