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Ultimate Gig Lights

      Hey fellow flounder gigger, our flounder gig lights for boats and walking gig lights are built using LEDs in North Carolina with quality and durability in mind. North Carolina is a great place to gig and catch flounder! Plenty of shallow brackish water with lots of marsh makes for good gigging. Although we started our business with a focus on the marine LED market we have expanded our product lines and offerings over the years to include both freshwater and saltwater. We have enjoyed success in business through a focus on customer service and quality LED products, we continue to pursue offering our clients new, innovative and affordable LED products. Please take your time and view everything we have to offer, in addition if you do not see a particular product you are looking for feel free to call us we may be able to find it for you.

     Our LED gig lights are designed for years of reliable use and have helped our customers gig more flounder than ever before. Ultimate Gig Lights boat light systems do not require a generator and operate on a 12 VDC deep cycle battery for more than 10 hours with a full charge. Forget the noise and toxic exhaust associated with other gig lights, enjoy peace and quiet without the fumes when you use Ultimate Gig Lights! Our new LED gig lights (patent pending) are the best gig lights on the market today, not only will they light up the bottom they can help you gig more flounder in less time!

      With more than 125 RETAIL locations and expanding, our LED lights continue to catch bigger fish and gig more flounder all along the sounds and coastal areas of the southeast for over a decade now. Our LED lights are being used in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We know you will find our LED lights as much an asset to your fishing trips as our customers and their families have over the years.

CHECK out our latest LED product MINI-BLINGZ under the MENU tab to the left or under ACCESSORIES in the products and pricing menu tab also to the left...

Check out our latest product the Hercules 50 watt SOLAR dock light! Yes SOLAR dock light completely self-contained and operates using a solar panel and deep cycle battery with switch and photo cell. This is a complete kit with only 4 main components to assemble at your location, check it out under products and pricing! Everything you need to light up any area without the need for costly electrical wiring installation is included in our Hercules solar dock light kit!

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